Internet Use Rate Vs Urban Rate

Data Management and Visualization – Coursera Course

Assignment 2


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>> The embedded pdf includes the code along with output.

Internet Use Rate Vs Urban Rate (…/untitled.pdf)

>> Here is a copy from TUMBLR:

I am unable to share the frequency table in a presentable format, as each country has a unique value for both of the variables of interest: Internet-use-rate and urban-rate.

Alternately, binning the data can help visualize the frequency distribution of the variables. Instead of tables, I have shared histograms both filled and outlined for 10 and 20 bins. Finally a cumulative histogram is also included.

Internet Use Rate is a skewed distribution with most of the value centered on the lower or left end. Missing Values are 21 out of total 213.

Urban Rate is a bi-modal distribution with value distributed (almost) evenly across the range.  Missing Values are 10 out of total 213.