A Tale of Two Economies (Critique)

Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization (Nov 16 – Dec 13, 2015)

Week 1 

We are required to critique one of the four infographics shared, after going through some readings.

– A Tale of Two Economies


– Asia’s Mobile and Internet Speeds


– Income Inequality


– Recent significant disasters in the Asia and Pacific regions



I was planning to go after Internet Speeds but then “Tale of Two Economies” seemed far more interesting.

Here is my first critique:

1. Is the graphic successful at communicating its main points?
>> Yes it does, covering population, land mass, economy, and other indiacators
2. Did the designer use the right data? Has the designer tried to simplify too much, to the point of forgetting the context  of the data? Does the graphic need to include other variables, besides the ones the designer chose, to make the story clearer?
>> The designer has made good use of data, covering sufficient ground to present a comparison of the two.
3. Are the graphic forms chosen to represent the data the most appropriate? Do they let you extract meaning without having to read every single number? Can you make comparisons, see relationships, etc.? Can you see patterns and trends thanks to
the graphic?
>> This is where creativity has taken over, making the Visual Maths hard.

1. POPULATION: I would have preferred using the bar charts as done for Energy (may be using people icon to depict population)

2. ECONOMY: Good use of space. Desinger has tried to keep the orientation such that minimum tilt of head is required. But I would have preferred simpler charts. Similarly creativity regarding GDP Per Capita, and Per Capita Disposal Income could be
moderated a bit

3. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: A very nice indicator to compare, however the two red and white bubbles at the bottom leave my confused.
4. Does the graphic need better copy (headlines, explainers, etc.) to improve understanding? Remember that an infographic
is not just visuals, but a combination of words and graphics.
>> It does a good job
5. Try to redesign the graphic based on your thoughts about it. A rough, hand-drawn sketch will suffice, if you don’t know
how to use any software tool.
>> Attached, I have not completed it, but simply put I would be taking all the creativity out, and replace it with orthodox bar charts.


Wk 1 Assignment
Wk 1 Assignment

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