2015 December – Dear Data Challenge


December’s challenge was “Christmas Music” for Dear Data / Chain Data.

I confused the instructions of “dear data” where it mentions “one week”. I understood, that it has to be my personal data collected over a period of one week. Thanks to Bridget (@windscogley) for clarifying it and throwing in some ideas to get me started …

Here is a run down of my journey during the month:

Spotify Web API

Music APIs


  • I settled for plotting 2014 stats of music consumption across the various genres. Here it goes.
  • The data set from Neilsen’s 2014 Music Report for US:

Nielson 2014 Music Report

I calculated the index using min max difference, as follows:

Index Data

And then created a “Parallel Coordinate Plot

Parallel Coordinate Plot

Followed by “hand drawing” it, I only drew the points, excluding the lines for clutter:

Dear Data Dec - Front


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